Namecheap Hosting the Best Review (2022)

Namecheap Hosting Review (2022)

Are you looking for a fast hosting provider, with great customer support? Well in this Namecheap Hosting review, I’m going to show everything that you need to know about Namecheap, so you can decide if They are the right hosting provider For you, I’m not going to waste your time with fluff content here. Instead, I’m going to show you the most important results from my live test like, the page load, speed up time and customer support quality.

I’ll also show you a live demo so. You essentially get to test out namecheap without having to purchase a hosting plan from them for yourself and, lastly, i’ll provide you with my honest recommendations on if or who should purchase namecheap.

let’s get straight into the review after purchase, setup and ease of use right away from their dashboard you can see. It looks very clean and easy to navigate. Namecheap uses cpanel, so old-school wordpress users will love it.They’Ve also somewhat catered to beginners here, as they have added shortcuts from cpanels onto the dashboard. You can see important ones like adding domains and email accounts. An ssl certificate is all here for you now, let’s see how easy it is to install and create a wordpress website.¬†

We just scroll down to here and click on add-on domains, now type in the domain that you want to install wordpress on and, then click on add domain and the next step is to go back to your dashboard and click. WordPress click on install now and choose yourdomain that you want to install the website to enter in your site, name and site; description now choose your username and password and then come down to the bottom and click on install and that’s it.

It’S that simple, your wordpress website is now up and running. The next step is to install the ssl certificate. So let’s see how easy that isso, you go back to the dashboard click on ssl click on manage ssl sites and you can see here that namecheap has automatically installed the sslfor. 

Without you having to do anything so that it’s done and just to check for you that it’s all working, I will copy the website and paste it here and now the page is loaded and you can see here that it’s got a lock on itand. It’S saying that the connection is secured. 

This means the ssl certificate has been installed correctly by name cheat, and it was done automatically which was awesome now the next thing i want to show you is creating the email accounts to do that.

We just go back to the dashboard and click on email accounts, click on, type in your username password and now click on create. That’S it it’sthat simple. You can see overall, the installation of wordpress was a two-step process, as we had to add our domain name in, and the ssl certificate we didn’t have to do anything as it was done automatically and the email address was also very simple here with one step. So, overall I would score namecheap and 8 out of 10 for setup and ease of use. I really like the extra cpanel shortcuts they added to the dashboard and everything is very easy to set up.

However, i took two marks: offas. They don’t have a full custom dashboard like a lot of other hosting providers have which make it extra friendly for beginners to use other than that for a cpanel.

I think they have done a great job and i really can’t fold them on anything else speed and uptime performance tests. So after i have installed the basic wordpress site, i went ahead and tested out the speed of my bare bones: website using metrics. The result is 1 seconds. This is a great start, even though it’s not the fastest in my test.

So far, i must say the result is decent and there’s. Some potential there so now i will take ita step further and add some design elements to itto increase the page size and don’t worry if. You are overwhelmed.

Looking at this course that i will provide you for supporting the channel will guide you through this step. Bystep, i’m also going to install some free pluginsto speed up the website, wp fastest cache, which isfor speed, optimization and short pixel, which isfor image optimization. And lastly, i will installthe free cloudflare app, which will also increasethe website performance with their cdn. This willmake it more comparable to what you would do. Inreal life.

The speed is now 3.4 seconds which is alittle slow. To be honest, google recommends a siteto load in under 3 seconds, so namecheap missedthat, although not by much now. I have also beenmonitoring the stability performance of namecheapwith uptime robot and can report that theiruptime for the last 30 days is 99 

91 thisis below my standard of 99.95 percent uptimebut is still above their own uptime guaranteeof.

99.9. I was really disappointed with this. Resultand namecheap has dropped the ball on this onealthough. I must say their performance for theprevious month was a 100 percent, so i must givethem a little bit of credit for that overall iwould rate name: cheap speed and uptime performancea 5 out of 10 

I took 4 marks away for failingthe speed test and one mark for failing my 99.

5uptime requirement, even though they did failon both these two performance indicatorsthey didn’t fail by much. They were not far offa pass. So i wanted to make a quick note on thathere’s a quick question for you: do you thinknamechief’s page load speed of 3 

4 secondsis, faster or slower than you expectedlet me know. In the comments section, belowsupport namecheap provides 24 7 customer supportthrough email and live chat. I will test them outby asking them these three different questions.

Onlive chat, one. I will tell them that i have beeninfected by a virus on my website and asked fortheir help two. I will ask them a quick questionabout. Their domain name renewal costs three iasked them. If they could do me a favor and installan ssl certificate and cloudflare.

For me, as i ama complete newbie, and have no idea how to do, thisthey were willing to help straight away andscanned the website for me and provided me themalware report right away. However, they were notable to remove the virus for me, if any were foundthey instead. Provided me a step-by-step guideon how to remove it myself, so it’s not idealbut, at least they can final the virus for youand.

You just have to go to the files and removeit yourself for the second question. They answeredall four of my questions in one message and thewhole discussion took less than 10 minutes toresolve.

I was very happy with their service herefor the third question. They were willing to helpme out right away and install the ssl certificateimmediately for cloudflare. They gave me a customguide and stayed online until i was satisfiedand able to install it. They were very quick andknowledgeable in helping me out here also withregards to their response time. I contacted themat three different times of the day to make sure iget an overall average and not just the bias fastresponse during their off-peak hours, so the threeresponse times were 32 seconds 23 seconds and 31seconds.

The average of those three times turns outto be 29. Second wait time, which is definitely thefastest out of all the hosting providers i havetested out so far. Overall, i had to score namecheapsupport a 9 out of 10 

I would say: namecheap’s 247 customer support was amazing. They were reallyresponsive with only a 30. Second wait timeand.

They helped me immediately with all my issueson the spot without having to refer me to anyother technical department. I only took one markoff them because they were not able to remove anymalware for me, and i had to do this part myself doyou, like the level of detail, i’m providing you my name, cheap review so far,

When it’s available for you and use iton your checkout to get an even further discountnow, i will be comparing the shared hosting planin. This review, although namecheap, does offer othertypes of hosting like bps, dedicated and cloudhosting, so they can support you when your businessgrows and you’re ready for an upgrade there aretwo basic, shared hosting plans and one cloudshared hosting plan in this review.

I will justconcentrate on their basic two plans as theseare the two options most people will want to knowabout cloud hosting is usually talked about in adifferent hosting category, so i won’t go in depthon it in this review. Now, with the stella tieryou are limited to three websites and 20 gigabytesof ssd storage, however, on the stella plus planyou have unlimited websites and storage anothernotable difference between the two plans is theyprovide automatic backup on their stellar plusplan, whereas you don’t get this on their normalstellar plan. Many companies don’t provide thisfeature at all.

They try to upsell you on this butnamecheap is very good and giving it away upfrontfor free, at least on their stellar plus plani, just wish they gave it away for free on theirbasic stellar plan. Also now namecheap also has twodata center locations around the world. There’S onein the us and there’s one in the uk. If you selectthe uk option, you have to pay an extra dollarper month, but at least the option is there.

Andit will be useful for anyone who has most of theircustomers located outside of the us and close toeurope, as it will increase the speed performanceof their website for their customers and thereforeincrease the conversions.

The next thing i wantto talk about is their payment plans, namecheapoffer monthly yearly and two yearly hosting plansso. This is pretty obvious, but the longer you buythe cheaper. It’S going to get, for example, thetwo year plan. You can see here it’s a dollar 44whereas. If it’s yearly.

It’S going to be a dollar58 and if it’s monthly, it’s going to be 2.88so. What i always recommend you do is to buy thetwo year plan as it’s going to be the cheapest foryou and with web hosting. You normally stick withthe same hosting provider once you have chosen, theone, you’re, happy with and you’ve tried them. Outand everything works okay, but you should rememberthat.

They have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Soif, you don’t like it. You can just change hostingproviders later. Overall, the decision is verysimple to make really with namecheap. If you onlyneed, three websites or less then go with a stellarplan, but if you need more than that, then thestella plus is a must for you.

The overall pricingscore i would give namecheap is 9 out of 10.they. Are a really cheap hosting provider startingat just 1.44 per month, and they provide you withall the features you need to get started. They evengive you, the automatic backup features for freeon their higher stellar plus plan.

This isone of the more important features for meand many other hosting providers, don’t providethis to you at all, and they try to upsell youinstead so well done to namecheap. On this i didtake one markov name cheap, however, as they don’toffer a custom. Caching, plugin, which other hostingproviders like a2 hosting and siteground doesthis feature, would further increase the speedperformance of your website, but is missing withnamecheap here. This is a quick note. Regardingmy bonus offer to you.

If you decide to pickup namecheap through my link, then just send me areceipt to bonus dot, com, dollar, dot, com and i’llsend. You back access to my bonus course right. Awayand! If you want my free checklist on starting asuccessful blog, then just go to this link in thedescription to get access to that recommendationoverall. I have given name cheap, an average scoreof seven out of ten.

They are a solid hostingprovider. They have really cheap hosting planswith a clear user interface and their supportteam is top notch. So this is my recommendationfor you, whether you’re a beginner or advanced userlooking, for a cheap hosting provider with greatcustomer support team and are not so worried, aboutwebsite performance, then i believe namecheap is aworthy consideration.

However, if speed performancereally matters to you, then i don’t thinknamecheap is the right hosting provider for younow. I think picking the right hosting provideris such a crucial step for your businessso.

This is important to get right and. If, after watching, this review you think namecheap hosting is not the right option for you, and i recommend you check out this hosting alternative, which i know will do the job for you. But if you’re happy with namecheap and you’re ready for the next step, then go to this. Video and i’ll see you over in the next tutorial.